Translate! 2014 in Berlin/Germany, May 22 – 23, 2014

Looking back on Translate! 2014, we are pleased to say that the first translation conference was a great success. Speakers and participants devoted two full days to lively discussions and productive exchange on translational science. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to build new networks and cooperations.

The central question "How to improve translation?" was looked at from different perspectives, such as from academia, industry, and government. Speakers and attendees eagerly shared their experience and expertise on a range of topics, discussing existing challenges in translational science and sharing success stories.

Guenther Wess (Vice President of Helmholtz Association) presented the translational research work of the Helmholtz Association Field Health. Three travelogues followed by Carl H. June (Perelman School of Medicine), David J. Mooney (Wyss Institute), and Werner Seeger (Director of the Medical Clinic/Executive Director of the Center of Internal Medicine, Universität Giessen). Together with Christoph Huber (Vice Chairman of the Cluster for Individual Immune Intervention at the Forschungszentrum Immunologie, FIZ) and Alex Veldman  (Director for Global Clinical R&D at CSL Behring) the three speakers answered and discussed questions from the audience, moderated by Hans-Dieter Volk (director of BCRT). Alex Veldman concluded this first day. He described the success story of finding a treatment for a rare disease in only three days.

On the second day, the audience had the opportunity to plunge into basic translational research, driven from different perspectives, e.g. science need-driven, medican need-driven and economy need-driven.Furthermore, they actively participated in the panel discussion of the day.

For more information and impressions of Translate! 2014, please visit the Translate! website.