Discover - Translate - Create

The "Institutsgebäude Süd", Föhrerstraße 15, 13353 Berlin, where the BCRT is located, presents currently the exhibition "Discover – Translate – Create". The opening was held in connection with the BSRT PhD Symposium 2012 "The Show of Regeneration – Easy to see, hard to foresee" on 7 December 2012 after the Nikolaus Lecture.

Thanks a lot to all those who contributed to this exhibition with their scientific pictures.

All participants of the Nicolaus Lecture took part in the selection process of the best picture.

  • Best picture was voted for "Inspiration of Microscopic Anatomy" by Christine Krapp (below left)
  • Second place went equally to "Muskel(schm)merz" by Gabriela Korus and "Fat in Square" by Julian Braun (below middle)
  • Third place went to "Brandenburg Gate" by an unknown artist of the Julius Wolff Institute (below right)