New 'Regions of Knowlegde' website launched

BCRT’s Business Development ( is delighted to announce the launch of the official website of the ‘Regions of Knowledge’ project TERM (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) that has been funded within the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. 'These are exciting times for those working in the TERM field. Recent progress in cell and biomaterial research and first results with regenerative therapies arouse ambitious expectations since they promise repair, replacement and healing of injured or malfunctioning organs', says Dr. Frank-Roman Lauter, Head of Business Development at BCRT. The TERM project aims at supporting these developments by analyzing the skill sets of the participating regional clusters from seven different European countries active in the field. TERM will implement best practice guidelines, develop new inter-regional research and translation programs and suggest financial instruments that support these efforts. BioTOP ( will act as the regional authority for Berlin-Brandenburg and will support the program with its knowledge database, network and expertise that has been build-up over the last years. Besides the presentation of the objectives / partners of the project, the website intends to inform the Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering community about the outcomes of the project by regularly publishing relevant news and information. The first update of the website with the initial project output is coming soon, and in 6-months, a link to a specific TERM portal allowing the Scientific Community to increase their visibility and to identify new collaborative opportunities will be provided. Visit the website here: Contact:

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