Launch of Scientific Building - Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies

“We are very pleased about our success“, says Petra Reinke, professor for nephrology and field leader at BCRT. Under her leadership the application for the cutting-edge scientific building at Campus Virchow-Klinikum was developed and presented to the committees for vote. Novel medicines for innovative therapeutic approaches in the fields of regenerative therapies, haematology and oncology will be developed here at the BeCat by scientists of the Charité. “We will focus on so called advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) which will offer a new category of medicinal products for beneficial therapies. Compared to traditional medicinal products these are very often patient-specified and the manufacture and application is more difficult”, explains Reinke.

At the end of April this planned new building was added to the Federal & Länder Government programme in the field of scientific buildings by the Science Council. A grant of more than 29 million Euros is planned for 2018 financed through the Federation and the Land of Berlin.

Politics are also thrilled by this project: “The recommendation of the Science Council underlines the center’s great importance not only for Berlin but also for the whole of Germany”, says Berlin’s Mayor Michael Müller. “BeCAT benefits from Berlin’s outstanding medical research sector, from the close interaction with clinics and the networking with health economy’s companies.”

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