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Max-Rubner-Preis 2019 goes to Prof. Mohamed Abou El-Enein

Prof. Abou El-Enein receives the Max-Rubner-Preis with a funding of 26.400 Euro

Prof. Mohamed Abou El-Enein receives the Max Rubner Prize 2019 for the project "Training and Empowering the Next Generation of lnvestigators in Translational Research and Clinical Development of Cell and Gene Therapies" that will be supported with 26.400 Euro. The prize of Stiftung Charité (Charité Foundation) is awarded every year for the implementation of innovative projects.

The aim of Prof. El-Enein's project is to develop and initiate a training program for prospective translational scientists in the field of gene and cell therapy. The course will be offered to medical students in the advanced semesters.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) have the potential to transform the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases. These therapies, which include cell and gene therapies, are particularly important as new treatment options for severe, untreatable or chronic diseases where conventional approaches have proven inadequate. Currently, the development of such therapies is driven by researchers and clinicians in small academic manufacturing facilities; it is a very sophisticated process and requires the highest expertise in all phases of the preclinical and clinical development pathway.

As this emerging field of advanced therapies has exceptional therapeutic potential in clinical trials, early training in methods to translate these scientific discoveries into clinical applications is important and necessary. This training should already be available to medical students to ensure that they become familiar with the full cycle of “applied science - animal model - human application” and prepare them to assert themselves in this new landscape of medicine. With the initiation of the planned training program, this promising field will be introduced to medical students in clinical education and provide them with practical knowledge about the clinical implementation of innovative cell- and gene-based products.

Prof. El-Enein is head of the Clinical Development Platform at the BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) and is associated with the Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BECAT).



Prof. Mohamed Abou EL-Enein


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