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Tissue Engineering

A crucial issue in Regenerative Medicine is the translation of novel insights from cell biology and material science into clinically and commercially feasible therapeutic procedures and applications. Challenges include optimal cell collection, ex vivo cell culture and quality control, controlled delivery of cells or tissue-forming bioactive factors into the patient, and handling and monitoring of cells, to finally result in "living products" considering the safety and quality requirements of the current regulatory framework.

The working group Ringe is assigned to the work area.

  • AG "Applied Cell Biology, Controlled Cell Culture, Factor Release" (Dr. Jochen Ringe: BCRT, Charité)


In our research field we focus on the "missing links" we have experienced during our previous 25 years of pioneering work in 'Tissue Engineering'. We specifically address the individual translational problems that occur in various clinical research fields such as musculoskeletal or cardiovascular regeneration. In addition, to serve as a provider for innovative platform technologies, we develop therapies for selected indications together with clinical partners.