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In situ Tissue Engineering

Research into the translation of discoveries in cell biology and material sciences into therapeutic procedures and applications in the field of regenerative medicine is of central importance at the BCRT. The goal is to generate "living"products and to integrate the resulting biocompatible transplants along with cells or factors into the areas of tissue damage. Here we provide the answers to key questions, identifying for instance the optimal cell type and the best cell source. Controlled handling and monitoring according to clinical and regulatory requirements is also needed.

Acting as a link between research and application, the Translational Technologies research field has set its sights on the continuous development and expansion of the center's application-oriented technology portfolio with the aim of transferring results into clinical applications and product developments quickly and efficiently. In addition, we make a substantial contribution to the development of therapies for specific indications. With years of experience in establishing a number of bone and cartilage regeneration products we will continue to research and develop strategies for analyzing the technical feasibility of therapeutic concepts.


  • Isolation, expansion and application of a new cell type to promote cardiac regeneration
  • Development of approaches for drug release in the recruitment of stem cells in damaged tissue
  • Bioreactor cultures and preclinical test systems

Work Areas

  • Tissue Engineering, Cell-Based Therapies, Applied Cell Biology, Factor Release, Regeneration of Cartilage, Bone Vertebra, Heart Muscle (Prof. Dr. Michael Sittinger: BCRT, Charité)