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Molecular Analysis and Engineering

An understanding of cell differentiation and its molecular characterizationis essential for the development of new therapies and for improving existing technologies. A central pillar of this field is the identification of new approaches in the field of regenerative medicine through independent research - a basic requirement for the long-term success of any translational center. In addition, the members of this field together with the central service units (the Multiuser Units Next Generation Sequencing and Proteomics) provide pioneering technologies and scientific expertise of the highest quality for the center's other research fields and groups.


  • Identification and clinical validation of biomarkers to enable the prognosis/diagnosis of genetic diseases with a focus on the skeletal system and immune systems
  • Development of bioinformatics tools for genome analysis
  • Development of new methods and applications in regenerative medicine that are based on NEXT Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Development of methods of genome editing in stem cells with the focus of cell therapy in selected indications
  • Operation of a core unit for genome analysis at the BCRT

work area

  • Medical genetics, skeletal diseases, regeneration of bone (Prof. Dr. Stefan Mundlos: BCRT, Institut for Med. Genetik, Charité)