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Immune modulation by stem cells and their derivatives

Analysis of immunogenicity and inflammatory potential of cells and biomaterials for therapy

Cell and tissue grafts could be implemented in many fields of regenerative medicine to substitute for damaged tissue and to promote the induction of self-renewing processes. Although non-foreign (autologous) cells and tissues are frequently used, several immunological problems arise by long-term culture periods in vitro as well as by their combination with matrix structures. Due to limited sources of autologous cells and a need for rapid availability, there is a substantial interest in applying foreign (allogeneic) cells and tissues as an off-the-shelf product. In this scenario, rejection problems induced by adaptive immune responses have to be handled. Therefore, it is of great interest to evaluate the immunogenicity as well the immunomodulatory capacity of either primary cells or stem cells and their progenitors that might be applied in regenerative approaches using appropriate in vitro and in vivo screening systems.

For several applications, cells have to be combined with extracellular matrix structures or synthetic matrix components. Matrices and their potential degradation products are able to trigger inflammation and immune responses and must therefore be examined in this regard.

Research Focus

The focus of the research is the analysis of the immunogenic and inflammatory characteristics and immunomodulatory capacities of stem cells and their derivatives along with other primary cell types for potential therapeutic applications.

First, we are studying the immunogenicity of different primary cell types (e.g. endothelial cells, endothelial progenitor cells, mesenchymal stromal cells, cardiac derived progenitor cells, nucleus pulposus cells). To elucidate the immune responses of the innate as well as the adaptive system, we have developed a set of in vitro assays to evaluate proliferation, apoptosis induction, cytotoxicity, complement activation and cytokine/chemokine release.

Secondly, the modulation and tissue repair capacity mediated by stem cells and their derivatives was analyzed in more detail. We designed a set of in vitro test systems to characterize those effects for Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC), mainly of rat and human origin. A flow cytometry panel for the phenotypic characterization of human MSC from different sources was developed. Additionally, we analyzed the modulatory capacity of rat MSC on immune cell proliferation in a 3D culture system. The efficacy of MSCs or their secreted mediators or membrane vesicles to protect tissue from ischemic damage can be evaluated in a pre-clinical model of rat kidney transplantation with prolonged ischemia.

Third, in addition to the analysis of cellular immunogenicity, we are focusing on the immune responses mediated by biological matrices and their components of the extracellular matrix, especially of xenogeneic and human origin. Moreover, synthetic hybrid-matrices consisting of polymers and ECM proteins are tested for the induction of inflammation and innate or adaptive immune responses. Based on this research, new strategies to overcome immune responses against matrix structures in heart valve transplantations are developed.


Prof. Dr. Martina Seifert
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Christien Beez
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Falk Diedrichs
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Dipl.-Biol. Naima Souidi
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Maria Schneider
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Thu Thao Nguyen
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Meaghan Stolk


  • Primary cell and stem cell cultures
  • FACS analysis
  • Magnetic cell sorting
  • Proliferation assays (CFSE-based)
  • Cytotoxicity assays (Calcein-based)
  • Antibody / Complement Assays
  • Cytokine detection assays (CBA-Technology)
  • Quantitative real time RT-PCR
  • Immunohistology
  • Cell labeling techniques
  • Rat model: Kidney transplantation


  • DFG project (657/4-3): Modifikation decellularisierter, autolog wiederbesiedelter, xenogener Pulmonalklappen zur Verwendung als Aortenklappen, 03/2007-03/2010
  • BSRT project: Analysis of immunogenicity and immunomodulatory features of human endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) derived endothelial cells, start 09/2010, collaboration with platform F1 (Dr. C. Schmidt-Lucke)


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