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Immune System

The immune system holds the body together: it not only protects against pathogens and tumors, it also controls their repair process after tissue damage. Disturbances in the immune system lead to serious, mostly chronic immune diseases. Our research field develops novel immune cell therapies for the treatment of these types of immune disorders, e.g. in the case of patients with serious infections or infection-induced tumors by regenerating "burned out" or nonfunctioning effector cells that protect against infection in cellculture and/or by isolating and propagating the regulatory immune cells that control excessive inflammation. The first clinical results of the application of cells harvested in this way are very promising. In addition, we develop immunological tools for the BCRT's other research fields, including cell analysis and cell sorting methods and biomarkers that can be used for immune monitoring of regenerative therapies.

The research field is divided into the work areas "Cell Therapy and Personalized Immunosuppression", "Immune Aging and T Cells" as well as "Development of Biomarkers and Regenerative Therapies". Integral part of this research field are the core units Flow Cytometry, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as well as Immunocheck / Biomarkers.



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