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Tissue Typing

The scientific objectives of the core unit "Tissue Typing" are the understanding and identification of molecular processes, cellular factors and structural/ functional changes that enable (complete) healing of human tissues or which in turn compromise these processes. We support researchers aiming at the development of regenerative concepts for the treatment of multifactorial diseases or (age-related) degeneration via the replacement or restoration of damaged cells or tissues. We offer and develop methodologies for (immuno-) histology and imaging mass spectrometry, which allows researchers and (prospective) clinical colleagues to specifically and very accurately determine molecular, cellular and structural differences between specific regions within a tissue. Such a determination enables, for example, the discrimination between "physiological" and "degenerated" or "healthy" and "sick". But above all, these methods allow a qualitatively and quantitatively assessment of  spatial and temporal changes of tissues as a consequence of irreversible (e.g. tumor growth) or regenerative process (e.g. in response to an experimental therapy).