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This core unit is closely linked to the core units "Tissue Typing" and "Cell Harvesting" scientifically, organisationally and spatially, and centrally integrated into the research field Musculoskeletal System and supported by the activities of the Julius Wolff Institute and the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery. In the CU, the mechanical and structural properties of tissue are analyzed. For this purpose, the CU has direct access to primary human material (and the donor information) and to the cellular characterizations in the other CUs. The close integration into the field of musculoskeletal system, connections to the Julius Wolff Institute and various clinics, as well as the fields Immune System and Cardiovascular System, provide an immediate aid to current scientific questions from these clinics and basic institutes.

The core unit provides a 3-D characterization of tissue with regard to its structural and mechanical properties over different length scales from 10 nm range to cm dimensions. The focus of the development of the content is the combination of the data from the various mechanical, structural and imaging procedures for the detailed characterization of the cellular niche with regard to its mechano-biological potential.

It is unique in the world that it is possible to form multiscale characterizations of biological tissues of in vivo animal models, human samples and synthetic materials in such a way that a mechanistic understanding of the interaction of the structural components of the matrix with cells becomes possible and the cellular niche of mechano-biological and structural view in their properties from the macroscopic to the sub-cellular dimension.


  • Multiscale characterization of biological tissues and extracellular matrices (ECM) in healthy tissues, disease / trauma or after regeneration
  • Microcomputed tomography: in-vivo Scanco mCT and high resolution SkyScan mCT
  • Biomechanics lab
  • Tissue architecture: histology, scanning electron microscope, polarized light microscope
  • Hydrogel synthesis and characterization to mimick native cellular microenvironments


  • Material testing equipment
  • Microcomputed tomography: in-vivo mCT and high resolution mCT
  • Nanoindentation for soft, hydrated tissues
  • Scanning electron microscope

Scientific structure

  • Scientific Head: Prof. Dr. Georg Duda
  • Technical Head - Area A mCT: Mario Thiele
  • Technical Head – Area B Biomechanics: Dag Wulsten


Mario Thiele
Phone: +49 (0) 30 450 659 748
Fax: +49 (0) 30 450 559 969
E-Mail: mario.thielecharitede

Dag Wulsten
Phone: +49 (0) 30 450 559 889
Fax: +49 (0) 30 450 559 969
E-Mail: dag.wulstencharitede

Aline Lückgen
E-Mail: aline.lueckgencharitede

Daniela Garske
E-Mail: daniela.garskecharitede