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Mass Cytometry - cytometry by time-of-flight (CyTOF)

Flow Cytometry and Mass Spectrometry fell in love and a new technology was born: Mass Cytometry, the best of both worlds.

As in conventional flow cytometry, cells within a heterogeneous sample are analysed on the single cell level for a multitude of parameters. However, instead of using fluorochrome-labelled antibodies to bind to the antigen of interest and being limited to the number of spectrally resolvable fluorochromes, mass cytometry uses metal isotope-labelled antibodies that are analysed by their time-of-flight (TOF). This allows for the analysis of currently >40 parameters per cell and a deep profiling of phenotype and function of cells.

This technology is now also available for the analysis of tissue sections (imaging mass cytometry - IMC).

For more information on this technology please contact Désirée Kunkel.

To register a new mass cytometry project visit the page 'registration'.