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Research at the BCRT is characterized by the everyday practice of interdisciplinarity, the integration of clinical areas and the technology platforms, the availability of key technologies and the consistent orientation towards translation and personalized therapies.

Researching to Cure

Researching at the BCRT entails working in close interdisciplinary cooperation to develop innovative biomaterials, biomarkers/diagnostic agents, cell isolation/expansion techniques, transferring research findings to the clinical development quickly and safely, and carefully checking and documenting the efficacy of novel products and methods in each phase of translation.

Projects fall into one of three categories - startup, main orkey projects - according to the level of innovation and the rate of progress in product development and/or clinical applicability of the respective therapeutic strategy. Regular project assessments determine, among other things, the progress of the project, how it compares on an international scale, medical demand, compliance to authorization requirements as well as health economy issues.

The BCRT's research fields are interlinked through cross-sectional technology platforms as well as in clinical research areas. Over 30 specialized research and project groups are led by internationally distinguished scientists. The research process is consistently supported by our in-house Translationand Scientific Management Departments.

Organizational Chart

Here you can find the organizational chart of the scientific structure of the BCRT.