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Prof. Dr. Carsten Tschöpe

Carsten Tschöpe is an internist and cardiologist. Since 2009 he has been working with a number of research groups at the BCRT to investigate the potential of cell therapies to cure heart failure. Together with his team, he conducts experimental studies and clinical trials. These studies focus on the role of the immune system in heart failure (e.g. in inflammatory cardiomyopathy). Since 2015, Carsten Tschöpe has held the post of deputy director at the Medical Department, Division for Cardiology at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow Klinikum.


  • 2003: Habilitation (qualification as a university lecturer) in Internal Medicine, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • 1993: Final state examination, awarded Doctor of Medicine by the University of Heidelberg
  • 1986-93: Study of Medicine at the University of Heidelberg


Professional History

  • Since 2015: Deputy Director, Medical Department, Division of Cardiology, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK)
  • Since 2009: W2 Professor at the BCRT for the development of cell therapy treatment options for heart failure
  • Since 2007: Deputy Director and Chief Physician of the Clinic for Cardiology and Pneumology at the Charité 
  • Since 2006: Chief physician at the Intensive Care Unit of Clinic for Internal Medicine, Charité
  • Since 2004: Interventional Oberarzt at the Clinic for Internal Medicine, Charité
  • 2002: Specialist in Internal Medicine
  • Since 1996: Working in the field of Internal Medicine (main focus on cardiology and pulmonology), Charité
  • 1995: Resident physician and research associate, Institute for Pharmacology, University of Kiel
  • 1993-95: Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Heidelberg and resident in internal medicine (main focus on nephrology), University of Heidelberg


Awards & Honors

  • 2012: Arthur Weber Award of the German Cardiac Society for the development of new therapy options for heart failure and cardiomyopathy
  • 2009: CMV Novartis Award
  • 2008: BCRT Kick-Off Grant
  • 2007: Charité Habilitation Award
  • 2006: Research Prize of the European Diabetes Society
  • 2004: Cardiac Insufficiency Poster Prize of the German Cancer Society
  • 2003: Research Prize of the Benjamin Franklin University Clinic
  • 2001: Research Prize of the Benjamin Franklin University Clinic
  • 2000: Research Prize of the Benjamin Franklin University Clinic
  • 1998: Irbesartan Award
  • 1997: MSD Award for Research into Cardiac Insufficiency


Memberships & Editorships

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (German Society of Cardiology)
  • Speaker of Working Group 10 of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin (German Society of Internal Medicine)
  • Deutsche Liga zur Bekämpfung des hohen Blutdrucks (German Hypertension Society)
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • Heart Failure Association of the ESC
  • American Society of Cardiology
  • European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD)
  • Study Group for Diastolic Heart Failure of the ESC