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Regenerative Therapies – Tools for Novel Patient Treatment Concepts

Recent years have seen tremendous progress in the field of medicine thanks to the development of modern pharmaceuticals, including new biological medicines. However, we are still faced with a range of unsolved medical challenges and these are set to increase even further in the future due to the shift in the population pyramid.

Traditional therapies concentrate mainly on the treatment of underlying causes and disease symptoms. Regenerative therapies, in contrast, aim to restore the functions of the body. On the one hand, tissues and organs grown in cell cultures can replace defect structures in the patient (tissue engineering), while on the other hand the patient's inherent power of regeneration can be stimulated in a targeted manner by factors, cells and biomaterials (endogenous regeneration). In combination with new diagnostic, surgical and minimally invasive procedures these curative approaches for inducing regeneration represent a new paradigm in medical care and hold the promise of solving a number of problems for which there are currently no, or only unsatisfactory, solutions.

The BCRT focuses primarily on the development of new methods and products for stimulating endogenous regeneration processes through the use of cells, biomaterials, biologically active factors, or a combination of these, to provide long-term treatment, or even cures, for acute and chronic diseases of the immune system, the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.