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Key Challenges

The development of regenerative therapies presents the BCRT with a number of major challenges:

  • The introduction of a new class of therapeutics that, in contrast to pharmaceuticals or medicinal products, enable new treatment pathways and therapies.
  • Management of the regulatory aspects of licensing these new, complex therapies and demonstrating their health economy benefits.
  • Careful weighing up of the opportunities and also the risks associated with these new forms of therapy (e.g. stem celltherapy) and the promotion of an openly conducted, qualified discussion of these aspects.
  • Definition of internationally recognized treatment standards, beyond the qualification of individual centers, to achieve broader application of therapies at a qualified level. This is also designed to differentiate between these standards and the unscientific approaches and promises made about the possibilities of regenerative and stem cell medicine pursued by individual commercially oriented institutions.

Position of the BCRT in the Value Chain